Butterflies and Biodiversity in the Big Thicket

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Kountze High School Project funded by Entergy Grant 

Submitted by Mary Catherine Johnston
Kountze High School, PO Box 460, Kountze, TX 77625

March 20, 2014

Subject: Butterflies and Biodiversity in the Big Thicket

Kountze High School students researched butterflies and moths and used technology and art to inspire preservation of the Big Thicket’s biodiversity. Students enrolled in Spanish and Art studied Dr. Daniel Janzen and his efforts in Costa Rica that served as a model for the Great Smoky Mountains Discover Life in America project and the local Thicket of Diversity All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory.  Youth explored Butterflies and Moths in the Big Thicket and created multimedia research projects and science based art for exhibit in the Kountze High School Library and during Earth Day Week at Kountze Public Library.  

Photo: Alaisha Mccray and Antwoine Edwards

Students were given the opportunity to enroll in Monarch Watch, a Texas Parks and Wildlife project that monitors migration of butterflies to and from Mexico.  It is an outreach program that engages citizen scientists in a large scale research project.  As drought has seriously impacted Monarch populations, KHS students planted milkweed seeds in the greenhouse. Milkweed is the Monarch butterfly’s sole source of food.

The project was funded through a Mini-grant from Entergy Texas Inc. and is part of a series of events hosted by Kountze ISD to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the Big Thicket Association and the 40th Anniversary of the Big Thicket National Preserve.

The Big Thicket Butterfly Exhibit will open at Kountze Public Library, 800 South Redwood Ave., on Tuesday, April 22 from 3:30 PM until 5 PM and can be viewed during library hours through Thursday, April 24th.  For information you may contact the exhibit organizers Megan Allen, mallen@kountzeisd.org,  or Mary Catherine Johnston, mjohnston@kountzeisd.org.

Butterfly art done by Kountze High School Spanish I students.

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