Big Thicket Field Research Station
16890 FM 770
Saratoga, TX  77585

The Field Research Station is located in the town of Saratoga, Hardin County, Texas. Saratoga is between Kountze and Batson on Highway 770, and is only a few miles from Batson, which is on Highway 105.

From Beaumont, take 105 to near Batson, where there is a turn to Saratoga on 770.

From Woodville, take 69 to Kountze and then 770 west.

From Houston, take 59 north to Cleveland and go down 105 to 4 miles past Batson, where you turn on 770 for Saratoga.

From Livingston, take 146 south to Rye, and from there take 787 through Votaw and Thicket to Saratoga (See second map below, which shows a more detailed view).

Saratoga is a small town, so you'll find the field research station easily on the north side of 770, just west of "downtown Saratoga." Look for the brown sign. There is a long driveway to get back to the building.

FRS Driveway  

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