Reserving FRS

FRS Scheduling Info & Reservation Form

Registration form for reserving Field Research Station facilities use.

Please fill out and submit the registration form

Overnight Use Fee: 

  1. Groups and individuals using the facility overnight will be charged $10.00 per night per person. 
  2. Fees will not be charged for day-use, Preserve activities such as environmental education classes and teacher workshops. 
  3. The Big Thicket Association can bill institutions for overnight fees.

**Hazardous materials notice: If you bring anything to the Field Research Station (FRS) considered a hazardous material for research purposes within the facility or in the field, they must be removed from the FRS when you leave. 

OSHA's Hazardous Materials List:

Wireless Service information:

    Verizon-Very strong inside facility and outside facility (4G)

    AT&T-Moderate signal inside and outside facility, spotty service in Lance Rosier

    T-Mobile-No service inside facility, weak outside facility

    Sprint-Moderate signal inside and outside facility.

Online Map:

Google map link for driveway entrance to FRS:

Big Thicket Field Station, 16890 Fm 770, Saratoga, TX 77585

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