Reserving FRS

FRS Scheduling Info & Reservation Form

Registration form for reserving Field Research Station facilities use.

Please fill out and submit the registration form

If your reservations need to change after making them, you are required to email change and telephone to receive approval to change:  email and call (409) 790-5399.

Overnight Use Fee: 

  1. Groups and individuals using the facility overnight will be charged $10.00 per night per person. 
  2. Fees will not be charged for day-use, Preserve activities such as environmental education classes and teacher workshops. 
  3. The Big Thicket Association can bill institutions for overnight fees.

**Hazardous materials notice: If you bring anything to the Field Research Station (FRS) considered a hazardous material for research purposes within the facility or in the field, they must be removed from the FRS when you leave. 

OSHA's Hazardous Materials List:

Wireless Service information:

    Verizon-Very strong inside facility and outside facility (4G)

    AT&T-Moderate signal inside and outside facility, spotty service in Lance Rosier

    T-Mobile-No service inside facility, weak outside facility

    Sprint-Moderate signal inside and outside facility.

Online Map:

Google map link for driveway entrance to FRS:

Big Thicket Field Station, 16890 Fm 770, Saratoga, TX 77585

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