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In 2006 the THICKET OF DIVERSITY was initiated and modeled after a successful project in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The name was established from Maxine Johnston’s quote, “At hearings in 1993, Big Thicket was the first national domain established because of its biodiversity. At a time when “biodiversity” had not yet become a “buzzword” and “migration corridor” concepts were being explored, local conservationists used those concepts as a rationale for protecting the flora and fauna of the Big Thicket region.”  This ambitious project involves universities, observatories, museums, government agencies, scientists and volunteers.  BTA is requesting membership support of this project.

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The purpose of the THICKET OF DIVERSITY project is to identify and locate all living species in the Big Thicket Region and to aid resource managers to protect its biodiversity “for future generations”.   This basic research establishes base-line and historical data that will be used to determine the health and future of the Thicket’s very diverse ecosystems.   Inventory data is recorded according to strict National Park Service standards and is housed in their national database.  

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Our THICKET OF DIVERSITY Director, Terrie Looney, Ph.D., works with participants that include top researchers from Rice, West Virginia, Texas A & M, Lamar, Stephen F. Austin, and Sam Houston, as well as universities from Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and the Russian Academy of Sciences in Russia. Other partners include: Texas Parks and Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Chicago Botanical Gardens, Houston Advanced Research Center, Mercer Arboretum, Houston Zoo, Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, and Gulf States Mycological Society. 

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Since establishment in 2006 119,555  specimens have been collected with 14 New to Science, 378 New to the Preserve, 133 New to the State, and 1 New to the United States.  

BTA encourages you to help us keep the health of this project alive through your donations.  Please join me and contribute an amount that you are willing to invest in BTA’s THICKET OF DIVERSITY project beyond your membership.