Science in the Big Thicket

Science in the Big Thicket

Science in the Big Thicket

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The Big Thicket Association administers and coordinates the Thicket of Diversity in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS) and cooperating affiliates. The ToD has been undertaken to enhance the ability of conservation managers by identifying every living species inhabiting the Big Thicket National Preserve and surrounding area.

The Big Thicket Association, a non-profit recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, solicits grants and conducts fundraising for research needs. Monies are available through the ToD. The committee utilizes a formal, competitive selection process. For specifics on “How to Apply” and the “Request for Proposals”, see Information for Scientists- Documents and Form (below).

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Restrictions are in place for use of the Field Research Station and Learning Center due to Covid 19. If you wish to use our facilities at the Field Research Station, review the use guidelines and enter your reservation request. We will try to accommodate you.

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ArcGIS Interactive Map of Species Locations

Eastfield College 2009; Photo by Micheal J. Black